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Edible Milwaukee : Salt of the Earth - The Old World Perseveres in New Milwaukee

Frank Jakubczak in his kitchen at European Homemade Sausage Shop showing off some Fresh Hungarian Sausages.Special thanks Joe Laedtke of Laedtke Images LLC for the wonderful story and beautiful photography and Edible Milwaukee for featuring Frank and his craft in the premiere edition of Edible Milwaukee.
“If you love something, you should do it. If you do something, you should love it.” Frank Jakubczak bears a striking resemblance to his life’s work in sausage: simple, unadorned externally. Get past the surface, though, and things take on depth and richness that are at the same time a complete surprise and a beautiful respite from the ordinary...Full Story

Jen Ede of Edible Milwaukee also gave Frank and Shop a shout out on FOX6 WakeUp morning show...

88Nine Radio Milwaukee - European Homemade Sausage Shop/Make Milwaukee 2012 Week 9

Wisconsin Foodie : European Homemade Sausage
Frank Jakubczak and Kyle Cherek, host at Wisconsin Foodie, make sausage at European Homemade Sausage Shop.
Wisconsin Foodie began its second season on Milwaukee Public TV and Wisconsin Public Televison at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday on Channel 10 in Milwaukee and Channel 21 across the state.
"A sign of the breadth of stories being told by show creator Arthur Ircink starts with Thursday's debut, which takes us to Guatemala...In episode four, the cameras are at European Homemade Sausage on the city's South Side, watching master sausage maker Frank Jakubczak keep alive an Old World craft. That session with Jakubczak clearly touched Ircink."

Read More at or check out the Wisconsin Foodie Episode: European Homemade Sausage, which celebrates the "Old World" and the "New School" tradition of craft sausage making.


Eating Milwaukee: Day Seven: The European Homemade Sausage Shop

Joe Laedtke of Eating Milwaukee and Laedtke Images LLC has captured many images of Frank, his wears and the Shop. Thanks Joe!

Joe is a true Milwaukee talent. Special thank you to
Joe Laedtke of Laedtke Images for highlighting Frank in his blog and incorporating European Homemade Sausage in the challenge to eat local in Milwaukee! The images are beautiful.

Check out the passion and talent of this long-time fan of European Homemade Sausage at Read More.

Frank Jakubczak Debuts on History Channel's New Show Meat America

Meat America's History Channel program was a 2 hour special. This is the program entertaining logo.Jamie Stachowski, the maestro of meat, lifts the lid on the American melting pot to see whats cooking. Beef, Pork and Chicken, the meats Jamie calls the Usual Suspects are definitely in the mix, but these animals weren't even on the continent before Columbus discovered the New World.
Like just about everyone in America today, the Usual Suspects hail from The Old World.
Jamie travels across the country to try and unravel how these meats made it to America, and why. Along the way he visits the mid-west and discovers that the roots of the Hot Dog are in Old World Sausage brought over by the millions of Eastern Europeans who made America home in the late 1800s. Jamie visits with Frank Jakubczak, sausage legend and owner of European Homemade Sausage Shop, and helps Frank make his famous Fresh Polish. Enjoy the following clip from the July 27th show!

ausage-maker couldn't keep retirement on his plate - TMJ4 / JSOnline

"Frank Jakubczak tried to retire after Christmas 2009. But longtime customers kept calling his closed European Homemade Sausage shop on the south side, leaving distraught messages that they missed their favorite Old World sausages. Rather than disconnect the phone, the 73-year-old Polish immigrant sausage-maker came out of retirement and resurrected the sausage shop in time for Easter, a major sausage holiday for ethnic Milwaukee...." Read More or watch the 3pm broadcast on Channel 4 below: