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To Order visit Online Shop, Email or Call 414-207-9009

Fresh Polish Sausage

Garlic Summer Sausage

Polish Delights

Hickory Smoked Bacon

Fresh Liver Sausage

Hunters Sausage Fresh Hungarian Sausages

Fresh Sausages

Blood Sausages

Polish Kielbasa*

Polish Kiszka*

Breakfast Pork Sausage*German Blood Sausage*
Fresh Slovenian*German Sweet Blood*
Fresh Italian*Slovenian Blood w/ rice*
Fresh Hot Italian*
Liver Sausage*Deli Meats
Bratwurst*Hickory Smoked Bacon
Hungarian*Smoked Ham *
Swedish Potato Sausage*Blood n’ Tongue *
Smoked SausagesCanadian Bacon *
Dried Hunter's SausageSlicing Slovenian *
Dried Hot Hungarian

Blood n’ Tongue *

Garlic Summer

Canadian Bacon *

Hungarian Summer

Slicing Slovenian *

Polish Delights

Headcheese *


Hungarian Headcheese *

Smoked Liver Sausage

Liver Headcheese *



Smoked Polish

Smoked Slovenian

Smoked Serbian 


Smoked Hungarian



* Available in Store Only During Spring, Summer And Early Fall.  



To Order Visit the Online Shop, Email or Call 414-207-9009